In search of PURPOSE, enroute to DESTINY


Program Overview


In Search of Purpose…En Route to Destiny is a 14 week discipleship course offering practical keys for the discovery of prophetic purpose, freedom from inherited and self-imposed limitations, and teaching on the value of sexual purity and lifestyle integrity.


Course Objectives

To teach participants how to discover and articulate God’s unique dream, purpose and destiny for their lives.

To help women understand and celebrate the gift of womanhood and their unique role in God’s eternal plan.

To teach women the power of “generational blessings’ and their ability to leave a spiritual legacy for their children and succeeding generations to follow.

To help women break free from destructive ties to past relationships and life situations.

To provide support and encouragement to virgins, singles, and those who are “single again” towards living a lifestyle of Biblical abstinence, moral purity and lifestyle integrity.

To provide single and married women with practical keys for healthy and successful relationships.

To enhance women in the areas of self-value, worth, and self-esteem.

To help participants strengthen and rebuild boundaries in the stewardship of their God-given unique calling.

To help participants, at all levels of spiritual maturity, to fire and re-fire their passion and “first love” devotion to Jesus Christ. (R. Chene Tucker In Search of Purpose Enroute to Destiny)


This course is offered twice a year and the cost is $200.00 which covers books and study materials, as well as graduation expense.


- R. Chenè Tucker